Difficult-Difficult, Difficult-Easy : What We Can Learn From Lobster About Stress

Caught sight of this one minute vid and it reminded me of a lesson within our Team E1N coaching programme called 'Difficult-difficult, difficult-easy'.

We all know that getting out of your comfort zone sucks, but it’s where we learn, grow, and feel good about what you accomplish. And there are actually two levels of discomfort: -

Difficult-easy is stuff you do that feels hard but at least it’s familiar. Like grinding away at a job you hate. Making everyone else happy but yourself. Going on diet after diet, trying so hard to make it work. Smashing yourself in the gym (and then getting injured).

Difficult-easy takes a lot of effort but it’s ultimately pointless. You don’t really go anywhere or learn anything. And it's an easy trap for any of us to fall in to.

Difficult-difficult is the stuff that's truly challenging. Like letting go. Or being vulnerable. Asking for help. Trying something new. Taking a leap into the unknown.

Difficult-difficult is something most of us avoid... but it's where TRUE GROWTH lies.

So what's the easiest way to find your difficult-difficult? Try answering these questions: -

> What have I been avoiding? What freaks me out to even think about?

> What is MY Opposite Day? In other words, what is the complete opposite to what I normally do and obviously isn't working?

Now watch the video if you haven't already......I think lobsters have got their difficult-difficult nailed down!

On your side,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk