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Below is a list of things I've been asked and my general answer to each, although please note - every single one of you are different with your own circumstances, needs and history. If you're thinking of making changes for a better you, hopefully some of these can help you take that first step: -

  • There are so many diets people talk about. Which is the best diet to follow?

The best diet for YOU is the one YOU can stick with consistently over the long term. For many many years, fad diets come and gone, people can often be quick to jump on the bandwagon but because the plan isn't sustainable for them, they soon fail within a short period of time. This can be one of the reasons why people get stuck in a yo-yo diet pattern and constantly struggle between losing and gaining weight.

  • There's too much information on the internet and I'm confused as to what I should be doing to lose weight. 

The NUMBER ONE priority when looking to lose weight (or more importantly, body fat) is to consistently create a 'calorie deficit' but eating fewer calories than your body uses. If you prefer a more technical explanation, this principle is due to the first law of thermodynamics. Also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, it states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system (such as the human body). Energy can however be changed from one form to another, such as an increase in fat stores if your body doesn't use up the calories you consume. There are many other things people become overly focused on when it comes to nutrition and 'dieting' such as supplements and how many meals to eat in a day. However, without a consistent energy balance aligned to your health, performance and body shape goals, your efforts will unfortunately be wasted.