New to improving your nutrition and confused where to start? Deficiencies. Deficiencies. Deficiencies

This can be a tricky subject for many people as who is going to put their hand up and admit they have deficiencies! But sometimes you have to take a small step backwards to make larger ones forward. In this article I'll give you some suggestions on where to start if you've never really focused on your eating habits.

I've talked before about NOT using everything in your tool box from the start if you desire long term success with weight loss (same applies for muscle gain by the way). Begin slowly, find what works for you and steady improve what and how much you’re doing as you go along.

Addressing nutritional deficiencies at the outset is a foundation of that approach.

After all, if your body and mind aren't functioning correctly, whatever you're aiming for is going to be a lot slower and harder to achieve. We all like easy, so why waste any more of your time and effort!!

As with many holistic ideas, acceptance of you probably having a deficiency (maybe more than one) is the first step. So let's all get past that stage quickly and avoid any more procrastination........

The next phase is to make sure what you eat and drink is ticking all the big (and easy) boxes.

That would include the essentials, namely enough water, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (protein and healthy fats).

But again, I would recommend taking them on one at a time. As soon as you can conquer your biggest sticking point or challenge on a daily basis, only then think about moving on to the next potential deficiency.

Only once all of those three areas are dealt with and become second nature, should you consider moving your focus on to more complex themes like portion size, whole minimally processed foods, frequency and timing of meals, and so on.

Notice I also don't talk about supplements. Outside of a good multivitamin, fish oil and protein powder, I see no need for anything else, especially if you're not already consistently ticking the big boxes. Spending out on supplements at that point would be a complete waste of your money.

You might think this approach is slow and boring but honestly, as soon as you switch your focus from what everyone else is doing to YOU and YOUR CHALLENGES which are stopping you from achieving your goals, progress comes quickly.

Any questions on these ideas, then get in touch. Would be great to hear from you!!

Until then,
Coach Ben