Trade-Off: A situation where you must choose between (or balance) two things that cannot be had at the same time. Sound familiar?

You’re constantly making food and exercise choices, every day, whether you know it or not.

Many of these will be automatic. A response you’ve developed and engrained over many years to certain feelings, scenarios, situations.

And for that reason, becoming more mindful of the choices you’re making isn’t easy. But the good news is that it’s a skill. So can be learnt.

On trade-offs themselves - I get it, they suck. Something you DON’T WANT to do but must accept to have something you DO WANT in the future.

And its not just one trade-off decision you’ll have to make every week. There’ll be many and at times, you’ll have been making all the right decisions for your goal but feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Constantly having to choose to give something up for a benefit in the future can be draining. I’m convinced this is one of the main reasons why it's so tricky to get AND STAY in shape.

SO WHAT’S THE ANSWER? You need a really strong motivation in the first place. Something that truly matters to you. Not something to do with what other people will think of you - unless its trying to prove your doubters wrong, that’s different!!

Decide what you’re willing to give up from the outset. These are YOUR trade-offs. The things YOU think will have the biggest impact to help YOU achieve what YOU want.

Be relentless in applying your trade-off(s). Once that becomes automatic, choose another one. Repeat as many times as you like. The power of YOUR choices WILL add up over time. 

So where will you start? It’s your choice. Your trade-off. Own it. Because no one else will do it for you……..

Speak soon,
Coach Ben