YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s pep talk time

Read this then share with me what you're good at in the comments - I would love to hear about your super powers!

I know for a fact that some of the fittest and nutritionally strong people struggle with their own insecurities on a regular basis. And I'm no different....

'Am I fit enough to train regularly?'

'Am I confident enough to take my shirt off at the beach?'

'Am I good enough to coach people day in day out to better themselves?'

And it doesn't help when all the time we see social media pictures of people with washboard abs, bikini bodies or supposedly perfect kids!

Chances are those people don't have it all together all the time. But for that brief moment, we’re shown them at their best. Perfect and all. And it changes our perception of what is real and normal.

But life isn't perfect. Eating 'healthily' isn't perfect. Every training session isn't perfect. That's called life. And it's there to be enjoyed.

So let's all stop comparing ourselves to the 'perfect' images of what we see every day in our news feeds and the media.

Let's stop being hung up on our weaknesses and failings.

Let's start changing our mindset and dedicate ourselves simply to PROGRESS. Every day. Little by little.

Let's swap 'comparing' for 'aspiring’. And find ways to move yourself forward towards whatever end goal you have in mind.

Now go forth people. Think about the positive stuff you're good at and do more of it. Then use your existing super powers to improve other areas of your life.

Because comparing yourself to someone else rather than aspiring to be as great as you can be is just nuts.

You can do it. Be awesome,
Coach Ben