No Crash Diets Campaign - I'm back after a festive break and want to wish everyone a great New Year!!

Now for something different........whilst you're all being bombarded with the latest health and fitness trends and maybe getting tempted in to trying a new crash diet fad, I'm starting my own revolution this January.

I've decided to do the opposite to a lot of what will have been hitting your social media news feed over the last week. Crash diets are a nonsense. As is a New Year's resolution to become the slimmest you've ever been and jumping in to an extreme low carb diet with hours of cardio.

Instead, I'm going to break the fitness industry stereotype and give you 8 tips during January (2 a week) to help you build your own individually tailored nutrition plan of attack.

Now this may mean that during January itself, you may not lose as much scale weight as you would on a crash diet and hours of cardio. BUT. I can almost guarantee that taking things steady during the first month of the year, learning what works for you and coming out the other side wiser and with your positive mindset still intact, you'll set yourself up nicely for MAKING 2017 YOUR YEAR.

Look out for my weekly tips on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. And if you have any questions, post in the comments of each tip or send me a message direct.

Time to pull together and make 2017 memorable!

Speak soon,
Coach Ben