Client stories, episode 5 - Do you struggle to fit in the important stuff?


Eddie was, and still is, a busy guy. Office job. Family. Commuting to work. Trying to exercise. Struggling with his food choices.

I started coaching Eddie and even during our initial calls before he started the programme, he was quick to say he was too busy to get in shape.

Now some people will tell you, if you ‘don’t have time’ for something, then you’re not making it a priority.

Thing is, I’m not convinced that’s necessarily true.

Maybe this thing you dream of achieving - which needs better food choices and regular training - IS important to you. You’re just struggling to find a way of getting them in to your schedule.

Information overload and not having clarity, amongst many other things, is often one of the reasons why making consistent change feels too hard to deal with for people like Eddie.

One of the alternatives, so it would seem, is to spend your well-earned cash on hard and fast weight loss programmes, supplements and fitness gadgets.

But truthfully, your time doesn’t cost anything if its used in the right way. So how did Eddie and I save him some money and find the time he needed to make real change happen?

Answer: He made a list of everything he spent his time on during an average day.

Sounds simple, because it is, but how many people actually make the effort to do something like that?

He then went through that list and decided which things weren’t adding value, weren’t a priority or weren’t absolutely essential.

And lastly, he blacklisted the most useless things. Like limiting his time on social media to 30 minutes per day. Only checking his phone a few times a day. Switching his TV off in the evening, doing a home workouts or food prep and then having a quiet wind down into bed time.

The most powerful solutions are sometimes the simplest. Eddie found a way to make time for the important things he needed to get done. And didn’t feel like he was missing out on as much stuff as he thought he would.

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On your side,
Coach Ben