Tip of the Day - Have you tried to eat more slowly?

So we all know (or are hopefully starting to understand) that balance in what you eat is important.

Be too restrictive and chances are you'll fall off the wagon at some point, overeat and undo the consistently great things you've been doing during the week.

That's why Saturday morning pastries are a pretty regular fixture in our house!

Knowing your HUNGER and APPETITE signals is a really difficult skill to acquire but is VITAL if you want the flexibility of living without detailed meal plans but still achieve your goals (stronger, fitter, healthier, slimmer, bigger, more toned, off meds, whatever you're aiming for).

So if you haven't started already, for the next two weeks try to practise EATING MORE SLOWLY.

Sounds simple. But is actually quite tricky when everything else around us is moving at a million miles an hour.

Cutting things up in to smaller chunks is therefore a great strategy. Like my pastries. Chances are if I didn't, they would be inhaled in a blink of an eye!

And enjoy every bite. Savour it. Rest between each mouthful. Before you know it, 15 mins has passed, your stomach and brain is starting to show signs of fullness and then you have at least the CHOICE to stop. Maybe even leaving something on your plate. We'll see.....

Enjoy your weekend E1N fans and stay mindful for the next few days 👍🏻

Much love,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk