Got your food intake under control but struggle to get enough veggies? Then a greens supplement could be for you

Back in March, the annual NHS review of obesity and eating habits in England found 75% of adults aren’t eating five portions of fruit and veg a day. Are you shocked by that stat? I am.

If you know what I stand for by now, you'll know I'm not a fan of filling your eating plan with supplements and supposed magic pills to help you achieve your goals.

But there are some core (verging on essential) additions which most people would really benefit from to minimise nutrient deficiencies and give themselves a back-up plan when too busy to meal prep or are travelling.

My basic recommended list is a quality multivitamin, fish oil/omega 3s and protein powder.

Close behind those, especially given that crazy lack of daily fruit and veg stat, would be a powdered greens supplement.

Now this will of course never make up for a whole foods filled diet, but the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, micronutrients and enzymes they typically contain can be a real help. With an extra dose of peace of mind too!

As of this week, I've started adding a scoop of Anabolic Designs ‘Grazed’ greens to my early morning protein shake. Honestly, my fruit and veg intake has been a bit inconsistent for a while now so this is a timely top up.

That particular brand was recommended to me by Phil Learney, a fitness industry leader and founder of the Advanced Coaching Academy to which I’m a studying student (neither of us have any product affiliations by the way). If you’re interested in a greens supplement, just try and find a recommended and good quality one which you can afford.

As well as some added protein building blocks, Grazed greens are a combination of spinach, spirulina (a natural algae), kale, kelp (a seaweed), broccoli, parsley, pomegranate, acerola (tropical fruit), flaxseed, beetroot, triphala (herbs) and two key enzymes (cellulase and amylase). All of those ingredients have been compacted down to form a powder which can be added to water or combined in a shake.

The chocolate supreme flavour also works well with my chocolate brownie whey protein from Protein Dynamix (again, no product affiliations, honest). You can never have too much chocolate, right?

Caveat – if you’re eating 10 servings or more of a variety of fruit and veg every day, supplementing with additional greens would probably be a waste of your time and money.

Did you find this interesting? If you’ve got any comments, questions or looking for other supplement recommendations, let me know.

Speak soon,
Coach Ben