Easter Special - Did you know you can eat JUST chocolate and still drop a clothes size?

I kid you not. It's completely possible. You don't have to follow complex eating plans, specific macros, counting your calories, eating your 5 a day, blah blah blah….

How so? Because The NUMBER 1 PRIORITY for getting in shape is managing your overall food intake/energy balance/calorie deficit.

That's why you could get slimmer eating chocolate eggs. Just chocolate eggs. In the right quantity. In theory.

But there will be some downsides: -

> Like constant sugar highs and lows all day.
> Lack of nutrients (vitamins and minerals).
> Lack of protein to support training recovery.
> Maybe some bloating if you don’t tolerate carbs that well.
> Major moments of hunger at certain points.
> Some serous brushing of teeth being required!

Would I recommend it? Of course not. But before wasting your time on supplements, meal frequency, meal timing and protein/fat/carb targets (macros), focus on overall intake first.

Get that working then pick up on the smaller improvements.

Hope you’re having a great week,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk