Favour one diet over others? Not us here at every1nutrition....

Some people do. Some people don't. Everyone is different.

You might be thinking 'what does every1nutrition stand for?'. Good question.

E1N is all about finding stuff that works for each and every one of you. And letting you know that its ok to simply do more of that stuff to help you reach your goals.

E1N is a diet agnostic community. We don't care for one approach over another.

Yes there will always be 'the most efficient way' of getting in shape for the individual but sometimes that stuff is hard to stick to.

As you can see from the diagram, ALL methods pretty much get you to the same place - creation of a calorie deficit.

But each approach has its own specific restrictions.

If you're ok with that particular restriction and you can keep it going long term, GREAT! (putting dietary deficiencies aside for one second....).

If not, you probably need to try something different. Maybe even the opposite to what you’ve tried before? What's the harm, right?!?

Some people thrive on being told what they can and can’t eat. Others don’t.

Which tribe are you in?

Share what you stand for in the comments. Share this post with someone who is very firm in their view or is lost on where to turn.

The more we share, the more people we reach!

Committed to your health,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk