Do you take flights of up to 3 hours regularly? This is for you....

As a regular flyer across Europe and having just caught flights to/from Zurich in the past 24 hours, here are my biggest suggestions to stay in control whilst travelling: -

1. Hunger or dehydration? - Feeling hungry on a flight can often just be dehydration with the air conditioning whirling away over your head. A low calorie drink before you fly and then taking water onboard to sip is a great strategy.

2. Timing is everything - Where does your flight fit in to your normal meal schedule? If it's between meals, you're good to go. If flying during breakfast, lunch or dinner time (assuming you follow those meal times) you'll need to be mindful of your physical hunger versus craving signs and come up with a plan to counter them.

3. Eat then fly - Given the choice, I prefer to have something in advance of a 1-3 hour flight. It will help you feel full, do productive things and avoid the appetite that come with being presented with meal/snack choices at 35,000 feet with nowhere to run!

4. Control your hands - If you've eaten before or decided to wait until after your journey, stick with your choice. It's easy to go on autopilot when sat in a chair and having food and drink options brought to you. So don’t raise your hand, just pass. Simple as that. Tough love I know but that's because I care!

5. Keep your mind busy - A positively focused/distracted brain finds it harder to crave the foods it thinks your body might need. So work through that to-do-list you never get to, listen to music, develop yourself through reading an engaging book, watch something entertaining, sleep! Whatever you choose, become engrossed in to and continue to sip your water....unless you're sleep (messy disaster).

Wishing you safe and healthy travels,
Coach Ben