5 tips to master snacking!

1. Your choice doesn’t have to be ‘healthy’ (SHOCK) - But you do need to keep a lid on overall intake (a few hundred at the most). Could you cope with just having less of your usual favourites?

2. Calorie v nutrient dense (or somewhere in the middle) - Do whatever works best for you and is sustainable. Calorie dense = highly processed, high calories, high fat/sugar options, not filling (you know, all the super tasty stuff). Nutrient dense = less processed, lower calories, lower in fat/sugar, more filling (probably less enjoyable too you might think).

3. Hunger (physical) v appetite (mind games) - Some soul searching and honesty needed here. Is your evening snack an emotional response to something which happened earlier in the day? Have you been promising it to yourself all day? Is it part of an evening ritual? Did you eat within the last hour or so? Do you REALLY need it? Only you know the answers to these.

4. Play and explore - Without doubt there’s comfort in our usual routines. So get off your backside to research and find new snack ideas that float your boat. Pair them up. Mix things together. Break your norm.

5. You don't have to jump in with both feet - It doesn’t matter whether your wish for an evening snack is physical or emotional, it takes time to change what currently feels comfortable. So whatever change you do decide to make, don't rush it. Accept it's going to take some time and be in less of a rush. You'll find your mission a lot more manageable.

Happy hunting,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk