Want to improve your snacking? Number 19 is my favourite….what’s yours?

Most of these are likely to be a better option for many people's occasional / regular / daily struggles with evening indulgence sessions.

Whatever you choose, try to follow the 5 tips from yesterday's post (find that on the every1nutrition page).

Plus eat them slowly to enjoy every bite and learn to be more mindful about what you're putting in your chops.

1. Half of your usual and favourite tasty treat!
2. Up to 4 squares of 70%+ chocolate
3. A chunk of your favourite cheese on a cracker
4. A piece or two of any fruit
5. An ice lolly
6. Low calorie jelly
7. A low / zero alcohol beer
8. Up to 250g of greek yoghurt
9. Half a can of rice pudding
10. 1 or 2 scoop protein shake
11. A can of tuna and half an avocado mixed together
12. 2 thumb sized portions of unsalted nuts
13. A glass of chocolate milk
14. A modest tablespoon of peanut butter on something of your choice
15. Vegetable sticks of your choice with a tablespoon of hummus
16. 2 thumb sized portions of seeds
17. A thumb sized portion of butter on a slice of toast
18. A small packet of crisps
19. 3 modest tablespoons of ice cream (not piled high!)
20. A small packet of sweets
21. A pack of lightly salted popcorn
22. Ham and cream cheese on a cracker
23. Apple slices dipped in a modest tablespoon of peanut butter
24. A cupped handful of dried fruits
25. Small homemade shake
26. A small portion of leftovers from the fridge
27. 3 tablespoons of sorbet or frozen yoghurt
28. Chopped fresh fruit and a tablespoon of cream
29. Flavoured caffeine free tea and 3 simple biscuits (like rich tea) or 2 deluxe biscuits (like jammy dodgers)
30. Whole foods snack bar (like a Nakd bar).

Think you could slot some of these in to your cravings regime? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share this list with a close friend to help them too.

Committed to your health,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk