Want to keep fats in your life? Here’s how….

If you’ve read my 5 tips to ‘figure out fats’ from yesterday (find that on the every1nutrition page), you know that tips 3 and 4 talked about trying to control serving sizes and aiming for balance across the three types of fat.

So I’ve split this list of 30 ideas in to the three groups and each one is what I consider to be a single portion (about 10g of actual fats or roughly 100 calories). Having 1-2 portions with every meal is a great starting point. Here goes….

Monounsaturated: -

1.     A thumb sized amount of almonds

2.     Small handful of olives

3.     Thumb of hazelnuts

4.     Teaspoon of any nut butter (inc peanut)

5.     Small handful of pistachios

6.     Quarter of a large avocado

7.     Thumb of cashews

8.     2 teaspoons of olive oil

9.     Small handful of peanuts

10.   Tablespoon of guacamole

Polyunsaturated: -

1.     A big sprinkle of flax seeds

2.     Thumb of pine nuts

3.     Thumb of sunflower seeds

4.     2 teaspoons of sesame oil

5.     Thumb of walnuts

6.     Half a fillet of oily fish (like salmon)

7.     Thumb of pumpkin seeds

8.     2 teaspoons of sunflower oil

9.     Teaspoon of chia seeds

10.   Thumb of hemp seeds

Saturated: -

1.     Thumb of butter

2.     A few chunks of coconut

3.     25g of grated parmigiano reggiano (parmesan)

4.     Tablespoon of double cream

5.     25g of cheddar

6.     Cupped handful of sliced chorizo

7.     Slice of emmental cheese (25g)

8.     2 squares of 70% dark chocolate

9.     50ml of coconut milk

10.   Teaspoon of coconut oil

Think you could slot some of these in to your eating routines? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this list with someone close to you to help them out too.

Committed to your health,
Coach Ben
Email: ben@every1nutrition.co.uk