Family Man: From 2013, my wife and I were super busy getting married and having two beautiful babies (Ella and Oscar)

Family Man: From 2013, my wife and I were super busy getting married and having two beautiful babies (Ella and Oscar)

Hi, I’m Ben, the founder of every1nutrition and a certified nutrition coach. I offer clients a habit-based approach to eating healthier and this includes coaching the principles developed by Precision Nutrition

I have a keen interest and specialise in weight/fat loss with a focus on creating lifelong achievement rather than short term results. If that appeals and you've struggled in the past, trust me when I say I’ve been in your situation. It was my own weight loss experience which got me in to nutrition and training in the first place. Now I want to share the knowledge and experience I've gained and help change people's lives because that's what healthier eating did for me!


So how can I specifically heLp you? My APPROach includes the following basic principles: -

  • Helping you identify your own goals which truly mean something personal to you, and only you,
  • Working with you to come up with a series of prioritised steps to guarantee you meet your goals over a realistic amount of time,
  • I take personal responsibility and am highly motivated to provide you with guidance and support to develop new skills relating to making, eating and enjoying healthier food choices,
  • Ensuring these new skills become second nature by creating more positive daily eating habits, and
  • Regularly monitor your progress and assess what works for you. Small tweaks can be made when something isn’t going to plan or we continue on the road to success if on track. After all, why change what’s already working!

I believe ‘Healthy Eating is Medicine’. Along with regular enjoyable exercise (or training as I call it, because ‘training’ has purpose, ‘exercise’ doesn’t) this is the only viable way to combat growing levels of obesity in the modern world.

When it comes to food itself and what we actually eat, I work with clients over time to build a preference and enjoyment for fresh, minimally processed foods. Making sure these choices are a good fit when juggling our busy lives is also key.

I will teach you about striking a balance between the main food groups (protein, veg, ideal carbohydrates and healthy fats) to achieve your goals.

And we will build your understanding of how to adjust portion sizes to suit your goals and future lifestyle, once you no longer need my guidance. Your priorities will inevitably change over time - what you eat and the way you live should be flexible as well.

So if you've read this far, what are you waiting for? TAKE ACTION NOW, subscribe to the free member's only weekly emails for ideas on how to improve your approach to eating plus much much more.

I'll leave you with a final thought....

Picture yourself in a year's time - what will change if you keep doing the same things you do now, day in day out? Is that another year of your precious lifetime wasted? Take a first step today because if you don't, I expect you'll regret it.

P.S. - That call to action isn't supposed to sound arrogant. I just know from personal experience that having regrets can be a bad thing.

I would love to work with you so feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Ben Lawrence, Certified Nutrition Coach